A Free Lesson
in the Art of Terrorism


It became a norm that every act the United States of America does in this universe relies on a specific slogan (Fighting Terrorism).

Today, the United States of America, in partnership with Europe and Gulf states, coercing us to adopt a new meaning of Fighting Terrorism, but, with a new slogan (Democracy).

At first glance, the old and new slogans, are of great beauty and of high morals and humanitarian aspects, and thus, they lead automatically to a broader title which is, justice in International and human relations.
But the truth, as it is known to everyone, except those who replaced Mecca by the White house, that the intention of raising this slogan by the United States is very far from its actual humanitarian meaning, for the United States has a record in practicing terrorism, occupation, dictatorship and coercion.

Let us start by the following list:
Racial discrimination against the colored people.
Terrorizing North America countries.
The CIA wars against Vietnam.
Assassination of the elected president Silvador Allendy.
The embargo of Cuba for over 50 years.
Iraq destruction and committing the ugliest crimes throughout history against Iraqis.
Supporting Israel aggressions.
Last but not least, the United States of America attempts to destroy Syria.

The meaning of Terrorism in the United states dictionary is very clear and doesn't need any further explanation.
It is any word, music and poem written against their ugly policies.
It is any act that refuses to abide to their inhuman policies, and that means defending or supporting any just cause is an act of terrorism.
Any attempt to defend roses in developed countries is an act of terrorism.
Any attempt to defend the human history, traditions and culture is an act of terrorism.
Finally, any appeal for peace and human solidarity, and any call for freedom and a life without wars, hunger, fear or colonization is an act of terrorism.

What makes the picture very ugly and more dark is that the American definition of terrorism and dictatorship has been adopted by United Nations, European Union and some third word states.

The concept of terrorism has become a label and a ready accusation to any political or social group, union or individual activists opposing the inhuman policies of the United States of America.

What's happening in Syria is not targeting the Syrian regime, neither supporting calls for reform, democracy and putting an end to corruption. It is an organized terrorism against the existence of the Syrian Arab Republic, by destroying its infrastructure, economy and the well of the human beings, so that might lead to dividing Syria into several sectarian states, and therefore that leads to a sectarian war in Lebanon which will end adopting Henry Kissinger's old plan to divide Lebanon, or adopting the confederation, or transferring Christians in the Middle East to Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.

After all, the struggle to overthrow U.S.A. policies should not be an act of solidarity, rather it is a moral duty upon every peace-loving individual, it is a moral duty upon every human being believes in peace and dignity. It is a human - moral struggle against all the U.S.A. attempts to control the destiny of our universe.

For all of this, should the political groups in Europe, North America, Latin America and off course the Middle East unite their struggle against the United States, Nato and Russian terrorism which, if succeeded, will suppress other countries and other peoples, and the suppression will be extended to affect any free voice every where.?

Off course, the answer is YES. In this sense, the struggle to topple the U.S.A., Nato and Russian policies is a must.
It is the only way to secure a better future for our children, and for a globe that accommodates all human beings.